Bowen Ely Gold Mine

: Bowen Ely Gold Mine

   By sid on Sunday, July 07, 2002 - 01:39 pm: 

Boston Ely Copper Company
Boston Ely Development Co.
Butte and Ely Copper Company
Chainman Con. Copper Co.
Cumberland Ely Copper Co.
Dolly Varden Copper Company
East Cumberland Ely Co.
Ely Amalgamated Copper Co.
Ely Arch Copper Company
Ely Bonanza Copper Co.
Ely Calumet Copper Co.
The Ely Calumet Copper Mining Company
Ely Central Copper Co.
Ely Consolidated Copper Co.
Ely Consolidated Mining Company
Ely Copper Queen Mining Company
Ely Copper Company
Ely-Giroux Extension Copper Co.
Ely Grand Central Copper Mining Co.
Ely Hidden Treasure Mining Co.
Ely Jackpot Mining Company
Ely Mines Company
Ely National Copper Co.
Ely-Nevada Copper Co.
Ely Nevada Exploration Co.
Ely Northern Copper Co.
Ely-Ogden Mining Co.
Ely-Phoenix Copper Mining Co.
Ely Resurrection Copper Co.
Ely Revenue Copper Company
Ely Rochelle Copper Company
Ely Sulphide Copper Co.
Ely Western Copper Company
Ely Witch Copper Co.
Giroux Consolidated Mines Co.
Giroux Ely Extension Copper Co.
Greenwater Ely Consolidated Copper Co.
Herstelle Ely Copper Company
Manhattan Ely Copper Company
McDonald Ely Copper Company
Montana-Nevada Copper Co.
Nevada Consolidated Copper Co.
Nest Egg Gold and Copper Mining Company
Nevada Ely Copper Company
Pittsburg Ely Copper Co.
Rickard Ely Copper Company
Robinson Mining Company
Salt Lake Ely Copper Co.
Sapho Mining Company
The Ely Mizpah Copper Co.
Turner Ely Copper Co.
United Ely Copper Co.
Veteran Ely Extension Copper Co.
Vulcan Ely Copper Co.
Willard Ely Copper Company

Ore Line History and Operations

   By Donna Frederick on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 - 02:54 pm: 

I checked in the information I have with me and could not find a Bowen Ely Gold Mine Co. That means nothing. It could have been a small operation. Does the stock certifcate say what mining district it was located in? Do you know for sure that it was in White Pine County? The Ely Mining District is in Lincoln County. I wouldn't mind doing a little research through my mining books to see the history on that one! Let me know if you have any more details!

   By Eric Hetzler on Monday, July 01, 2002 - 03:25 pm: 

In going through my late grandmothers things I came accross a stock certificate for the Bowen Ely Gold Mine Co. Was wondering if anyone can help me get some more info on this. I assume the mine is defunct but was wondering about the history or background.